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Locksmith Services in Folcroft, PA

At Chester Locksmith & Car Keys, we will be at your service within 30 minutes if you require assistance in an emergency in Folcroft, PA. We will do everything to meet your needs as a client and work around your schedule so that your day is a breeze with the least amount of hassle.

We ensure that the customer is up to date, and our team shows up on time and goes over the work. We know the frustration that comes with broken or defective locks, which is why the very last thing that you want as a customer is to be confused with timings. Therefore, you can rest sure that when you hire Chester Locksmith & Car Keys, you will be treated to the highest quality of service.

Chester Locksmiths are diligent in their work, but we carry sufficient liability insurance to ensure your safety. We think this should be sufficient to protect you from the direst situation…

We are sure and trust the services Chester Locksmiths can provide we believe in honesty, transparency, and ensuring the highest standards.

Our Services

We're the perfect fit for your Lock-Out Issues in Folcroft, PA

Residential Locks

We offer a variety of locksmith services including residential locks and car keys, so you never have to worry about security again.

Business Premises Locks

Chester locksmith & Car Keys offers different levels of security. We are specialized in commercial locksmith services for businesses of all sizes and have solutions for every business premises lock need.

Key-Less Entry Systems

Ever forget your key or struggle to get the lock open? Key-less Entry Systems are the perfect solution to these problems! Chester locksmith can install a Key-Less Entry System into any door you want

Lockouts For Autos

Lock outs happen, and it's a driver's worst nightmare. Protect yourself and your vehicle from this unfortunate event by calling Chester Locksmith & Car Keys.

Key Fob Reprogramming

Chester locksmith is proud to offer a key fob reprogramming service that has saved many people from being locked out of their car. Let us help you out of your difficult situation today

Quick Tips

Losing your keys can be a frustrating experience, but we're here to help! Chester locksmith has quick tips for those who have lockouts. We can take care of the problem or advise you on how to get back in without damaging your property.

Folcroft, PA

Folcroft is a borough in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population became 6,606 on the 2010 census, down from 6,978 on the 2000 census. The beginning of Folcroft may be retraced to the mid-1600s and early settlements of New Sweden. Delmar Drive was once a part of Calcon Hook Road. Calcon is the Swedish word for “turkey,” and Hook is the Swedish phrase for “road”. The original road became a Leni Lenape path referred to as “Turkey’s Neck Trail” by the settlers and became no more than four toes (1.2 m) huge.

Originally productive farmlands, it has become a residential suburb of Philadelphia with the construction of the Pennsylvania Railroad via the vicinity in 1874. A passenger stop turned into a built and named Folcroft, or “leafy fields”.

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